Montreal! Performing LIVE Saturday November 4th!


Montreal fam! Just wanted to invite everyone to a show I’m doing next weekend!

Saturday November 4

@ The Traxide
617 Saint-Rémi
metro station Place Saint-Henri
(not the exact location, but someone will be there to tell folks where to go)

Doors 9pm
Show 10pm

I go on 10:45

Hope to see you there!!!




One thing I am adjusting to in Montreal is the weather. In particular, the idea of SEASONS. I grew up in Los Angeles, where the majority of the year was dry and warm. Which is great in its own sense. But the drastically changing seasons here in Montreal are certainly something to behold. Fall in particular, where the temperature comes down, the days become shorter, and of course the leaves change into those amazing colors. It’s teaching me to appreciate each season much more, and to think of change as a way to let go and reset a little. Not sure if I totally like it (winter is rough), but perhaps it’s good for my overall well being. We’ll see. For now, time to break out my scarf and coats.

That time of year


Still getting used to the idea of real seasons. Fall in Montreal is definitely one of my favorites. It also means that winter is around the corner, but I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Montreal: Performing Saturday 9/16 at Festival des Solidarités


Montreal Fam!

Gonna be performing at Festival des Solidarités happening at Parc Jean-Brilliant in Cote-des-Neiges! I’ll be hitting the stage during the “FOIRE DE SOLIDARITÉ” portion of the event, Saturday the 16th at noon, along with Rap Battles for Social Justice and Nazim. The entire festival is September 15-16, and features some amazing speakers and performers. For more info check out their Facebook event page.

#JusticeForKian Rally in Montreal

Filipino community members in Montreal standing in solidarity with the victims of Philippine president Duterte’s unjust and inhumane war on drugs, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people during his one year in office, including 17 year-old Kian Delos Santos, murdered last week by Philippine police in Caloocan City. His mother, an overseas Filipino worker, was forced to come home to the funeral of her son. #JusticeForKian #StopTheKillings #OFWs4Kian

Thanks T.Dot


Conference wrapped up. Blood, sweat, and tears is an understatement. Was mostly busy running around, but I know a lot of good and historic work was being done. Glad to see kasamas old and new, especially happy to reunite with my Bay Area crew. On to the next. Isulong!!! #SolidarityFightBack

Off to Toronto!



All the event coordination, cultural work, and community organizing experience I cultivated in the Bay is sure coming in handy as we count down the days til this weekend’s conference in Toronto. After several months of conference calls and group emails (including me almost backing out a couple times), to finally be at this point of such a huge undertaking—involving people from different parts of the world, a vast spectrum of organizing styles, and all kinds of logistics—is a testament to the dedication that these folks have to building a global anti-imperialist movement. Looking forward to being on the periphery running around with my head cut off, knowing that some historic, revolutionary work is being done in those lecture halls and conference rooms. See y’all in Toronto!

The traditional route

Sometimes I wonder if I should’ve taken the traditional route, went to college and made a safe, financially stable career choice. Or if I should’ve stuck it out in the non-profit youth service sector with its health benefits and paid vacations. Is the independent hustle worth it when I’m worried about being pre-diabetic but can’t see a doctor cause I’m uninsured? Is being my own boss something to be praised when I’m a car crash away from being on the street? This is the fear and anxiety that capitalism reinforces, that we are merely worth what we can produce; that the basics of food, housing, health care, education, and human fuckin dignity are things one must “work” for. It’s all a fallacy, yet folks buy into it, while billionaires sit on their grandparents’ money and play monopoly with real people’s lives. Maybe this is why we fight, because the only thing we have control of is our dignity, and whether win or lose, life or death, the honor of being a part of this movement more than makes up for the shame of not meeting society’s expectations.