Indigenous Filipino People’s Celebration

20171119 Indigenous Peoples Celebration MTL61

One of the more interesting discoveries I’ve made here in Montreal is how visible and active the Filipino indigenous community is. Whether it’s Igorots from the Cordilleras, or Lumads from Mindanao, those who have managed to protect and hold on to our native cultural practices are doing there thing way out here in snowlandia. This past Sunday, I had the privilege of attending an even to celebrate Indigenous Month Montreal (don’t quote me on that title, but hopefully you get the idea). Not only was it a cultural sharing with song and dance, but it was also a situationer on the current conditions in places like the Cordis and Southern Mindanao, where indigenous communities are under threat of displacement at the hands of mining and logging companies encroaching on their ancestral land. I feel that those attempting to “reclaim” our Filipino culture have an obligation to raise awareness and advocate for the communities that we’re reclaiming the culture from; what significance is one’s tribal tattoo if those same tribes back home are being harassed and attacked by multinational corporations? Looking forward to building more with organizations here like FIPOQ (Filipino Indigenous People’s Organization of Quebec).


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